Since 1977, leaders in laboratory equipment.


About Us


Tecnodent S.A. was founded in 1977. Since then, works in the development and manufacture of high quality equipments for dental laboratories and care of their trade all around the country and the world.

Thirty years ago we decided to introduce our self to the dental market with the aim of offering to our customers, products of guaranteed quality and a personalized service.

Our main clients are the laboratories and dental clinics and our products are delivered through highly skilled dental dealers.

From the beginnings, our machines, inputs and laboratory cabinets are recognized in the local market as reliable products. The last years we decided to make popular that image all around the world. We are working hard to achieve our objective.

As the market is more demanding, all our products are certified by ISO Quality 9001 – 2008 Certification and in turn, most of them are certified to CE standards.  Also, years ago we started up implementing the OK TECNODENT WARRANTY, which protects our customers every time they choose our products.     

We are improving all the time and we pretend the same of the ones who trust us. Our products are produced and work with the last technology.  We believe that developments are an opportunity to continue growing.

Our customers are our engine nut


We listen to our customers. We know their purposes, challenges and difficulties. Our customers are the ones who inspire us to maintain improving and developing steadily.

We are in contact permanently. We believe that if we pursue their goals to be achieved, consequently our are going to be reached.

The difference is in the team.


Teamwork and engagement are reflected in our result. All of us have a common objective, we want to be a quality and trusty company.

Particularly, the company not only has the aim of fulfilling with customers if not with the staff. We dedicate time and training. We want to help them in the development of skills, challenging their selves and achieving their goals.

Success make us improve


It is good to be near or to have achieved the success. Make us being in constant movement. We notice that we are achieving people´s expectations and we want to go more far.

Take charge


We know who we are. We try to do the best but sometimes things can go wrong. In those cases we take charge of the situation and we try to solve it. This is the way we work all days.  

Strategic Alliances


We are proud to work with the following companies: