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After Sales Service


When buying an equipment, one analyzes different variables: PRICE, QUALITY, WARRANTY, LIFETIME, POST-SALES SERVICE.

Many times it is believed that the corporate responsibility ends once the product has been sold. We consider that is not that way. Once the sale has been done, many things can occur between the product and the client, requiring an after-sales service. We are convinced that we are responsible for offering a qualified service.

Tecnodent commercialize high quality and long life products. However, as the AFTER-SALES SERVICE is important, we offer the following related services:


Claims Handling


Since 2003 we incorporated the OK TECNODENT WARRANTY policy that applies to all our products. This warranty comes into effect once the owner receives the product and last one year. During that period every inconvenient with the product, would be supervised and repaired by our people without cost. It is important to note that the equipment must be used in compliance with the regulations established (LOOK AT THE WARRATY EQUIPMENT)

Claim Order

Technical training to use - Equipments installation


All Tecnodent equipments include an operation and maintenance manual and its certificate of warraty, to provide our clients of the necessary information to realize the correct installation in laboratories and use them without problems. It is essential to follow each step described to obtain the expected performance.

After the installation of the equipment have to discharge its warranty. Have to register the product through our website.

Maintenance service


We recommend our clients perform the periodic maintenance of the equipments to increase its lifetime within the laboratory and avoid problems in the short term.

This information is detailed in the documentation given with each equipment.

Repair Service


We know the important that is for the person who use the machine to have somebody to ask for help when has a problem with the performance of the equipment and consequently with the continuity of their own work.  We work to give to the customers a fast and satisfactory answer.

Also, we want to guarantee our customers a demanding and liable after-sales service. This means that ones the warranty expires, we follow closely, accompanying in the use of their equipments. Offering repair and maintenance services in case Tecnodent equipments required. This includes the refill of parts and the technical work of our people specialized. All post-warranty support has its cost, which is budgeted before undertaking the repair.

It is important to note that all equipments required the proper use and care from the one who use it.

Our aim is that every repair must be ready between 24 and 48 hours from the moment the equipment arrives to our factory. We make all our efforts to achieve this objective.

Repair Order


Delivery of equipments to repair


Customers living in Down Town and surroundings should approach to our address with the equipment to budget the repair and solve the problem as soon as possible.

In the case of living outside the province, the equipment have to be send to our address where will be revised and repaired. Once solved the problem, we will deliver it to the appropriate address through the transport agency the customer choose.

We recommend to adjust to the box or to the equipment the REPAIR ORDER to have with us the contact and the problem detailed.

In turn, it is possible to realize the register of the REPAIR ORDER BY WEB. This way we know once the equipment in factory, from whom it is, what we have to repair and we optimize time.

Claim for damages:

This point is especially for the repairs belonging to customers from provinces. In the case the packaging arrives damaged, we request not to remove the package and directly communicate with the transport agency. All transports have an assurance.